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Knowledge is Power – Debunked! – Part 1

Exposing the flaws in one of our most popular expressions

In the past few years, how many times have you heard the phrase “Knowledge is Power?” If your experience is anything like mine, then you’ve heard the phrase hundreds of times.

Since the New Year began every personal development coach or “guru” that I have read, heard or seen, has used the phrase with absolute conviction and authority as though it should never be examined or questioned!

Because I have never been a follower of the masses and believe that most “conventional wisdom” is foolishness, I decided to examine the phrase in light of the facts. My goal was simple: determine if “knowledge” truly produces POWER in the recipient’s life.  Though I had held the belief that knowledge produced power and promoted the saying often, there was still a gap between “knowing and doing” that provided a measure of doubt.

The more I researched and compared the lives of those around me, the more my heart and conscience screamed, no way, this popular phrase is not true. If it is, then something is wrong with the Knowledge (information and facts) that many are getting. It was obvious that most of the “knowledge holders” in my circles, lacked the POWER or ability to complete or fulfill the very things that the said “knowledge” is alleged to empower them to do. You may have to read that again!

As I embark on this journey to expose you to my conclusions regarding this popular phrase, I know that there will be some of you who will read this and still disagree. Confirming that the influence of this statement upon society, the business world and popular-culture is extensive! So at the outset, I want to say that it is okay if you decide to disagree.

However, my research and experience has revealed that if any unbiased, thinking-person were to examine closely the “conventional wisdom” that is normally referred to, when the phrase “knowledge is Power” is promoted; they would be forced to conclude that more “information and facts” does not equate to a change in what a person will or will not do.

Don’t get me wrong

I am not saying that knowledge cannot provide an advantage in many areas of an individual’s life. On the contrary, anyone that knows me, know that one of my passions is promoting the importance of continued education and learning for the purpose of “soul” development. Unfortunately though, many who complete 4+ years of college or further education have no greater “POWER” to deal with everyday challenges, disappointments or to do the things that they KNOW they should or desire to do. Later on I will provide the reason and solution for this.

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Make a 6 figure income Writing and Publishing your own books! Part 1

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Make a 6 figure income Writing & Publishing your own books!
From the Live-Recession-Proof-Now audio series!
Part 1

Today, I begin a series of articles on How to make a 6 figure income Writing and Publishing your own book; But not for the reasons that you may think.

There was a time that I thought, I would like to write a book someday, with the hope and dream of selling 1000’s of copies of my “NY Times Bestseller”.

My motivations for writing and publishing have since changed. Research and experience has taught me that though it is possible to sell 1000’s of copies of a book – and many authors do – most authors, self published or otherwise, never sell more than 10,000 copies. If you do the math, there is not much money to be made in selling 10,000 copies of any book.

So why write a book? Some basic reasons for writing and publishing your own book are:

  • It is one of the easiest ways to Supplement or replace your income
  • It is a skillful way to grow any business
  • It is a simple way to develop a massive product & service line
  • It is a natural way to Sell lots of products
  • It is a effortless way to Promote your services
  • It is a practical way to Live Recession-Proof Now!

During my many years as a Business Growth & Marketing Specialist, I have met hundreds of aspiring authors with dreams of one day writing a book. This should not be a surprise. Almost everyone has a desire to write and expose something to the world.

Unfortunately, for most of these aspiring authors the desire to write and publish a book never moves from aspiration to motivation and then a completed project.

There are many reasons for the gap between knowing or desiring and Doing. However, time would not permit me to get into why this is so. For insight into the human dilemma of “knowing and doing”, take a look at my article series entitled “knowledge is Power – Debunked!”

Without getting into Psycho babble or giving the impression that I am smarter than I am, one of the ways to conquer complacency, procrastination and slothfulness – one of the reasons for the “gap” between knowing and doing – is to uncover or discover a big enough WHY.

A big WHY is what moves individuals from a wish or want, to getting things done!

It was a big why that motivated Thomas Edison to launch 14 companies, including General Electric, and persevere through 1000’s of disappointments to eventually develop the patent that improved on the light bulb and provide it for home use.

During the next few articles, I will provide some of my Why’s for writing and publishing books. I hope they provide you the incentive you need to persevere or get started and Live Recession-Proof Now!

10 Benefits of Writing & Publishing your own Book!

    1.    Writing and Publishing a book is a great way to supplement your income!2.    Writing and Publishing a book is one of the easiest and best ways to sell your products & services!

    3.    Writing and Publishing a book provides Instant Credibility!

    4.    Writing and Publishing a book provides a Platform for speaking engagements.

    5.    Writing and Publishing a book positions you as an authority, leader or expert in your field or industry!

    6.    Writing and Publishing a book provides content for lectures and teaching opportunities!

    7.    Writing and Publishing a book provides material to create additional Products for additional revenue; i.e. Ebooks, Audio CD’s, DVD’s, Workshops, Workbooks, Tele-Classes, Radio Shows etc.

    8.    Writing and Publishing a book allows you to charge higher speaking fees! Your an Author now!

    9.    Writing and Publishing a book provides content for coaching and consulting programs – another stream of income!

    10. Writing and Publishing a book justifies higher coaching or consulting fees.

If I was to give this more thought, I am sure I could provide another 10 benefits. Hopefully you will find an incentive here for you to continue reading.

If you are new to Book Writing or Publishing, here is a wealth of FREE information. A great place to get started!
So you want to write a book?

Christian’s that produce unprofitable Businesses!

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Why many Christians are unable to build profitable businesses!

The unbiblical view of “Separation of Church and State”

Coins representing an unprofitable business

Coins - A picture of what a Christian 's Business will look like if not based on the precepts of Scripture!

As a Pastor and Christian Entrepreneur working with people from all walks of life, I have the privilege everyday of meeting and working with Christian Entrepreneurs in all industries.

What has been interesting to me during the past 10 years is the vast differences of opinion about money and running a “profitable” business that I find among those who claim to be readers and believers of the same Bible.

Many Christian’s have embraced the wrong notion that money is the root of all evil! If you read the scriptures carefully, you will come to the conclusion that money is not a bad thing, nor is IT the root of all evil, but “answers all things”.

Scripture warns that it is the LOVE of MONEY that is “the root of all evil.”

One of the reasons many professing Christians are not building profitable businesses is because of the idea of separation of Church and State“. We have been made to believe that, for the Christian, there is the spiritual life and then there is the secular life. There are a number of reasons for this that time would not allow me to get into right now. I would just say that this “separation” view is contrary to a proper understanding of scripture.

Some believe poverty glorifies God

Then there are those who believe God is glorified through poverty. So they see ambition or business ownership / entrepreneurship as contrary to spiritual growth and maturity in Grace. I guess Poverty could bring Glory to God, depending on who you are and where you live. But many forget that God also condemns slothfulness and foolishness throughout scripture and attribute them to reasons for POVERTY or lack of success in business or any area of life! What’s interesting is I have met very few who have attributed their poverty or lack of success to laziness or foolish choices.

It is my conviction that no Christian in America needs to be “POOR”. The key word for me is needs to be. I also understand that the word Poverty/Poor is relative. So I am not saying every western Christian should be rich (also relative). But every Christian should be Industrious and Enterprising like the Ant of Proverbs 6. If more of us were, we would not have so many Christians in financial turmoil during this economic down turn.

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FACEBOOK for Marketing!

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Sean Isaacs's Facebook profileFacebook is a great tool for Marketing – if you remember not to use it for selling.

My simple recommendation is to treat Facebook and all other Social Media (Web 2.0)  like you would a party or social event.

Would you walk up to a stranger and tell them how great your products, services or business is? I hope not.

When I set out to write a few tips on how to use Facebook fo Marketing, I came across an article written by the editors of Inside CRM.

Since I am not one to reinvent the wheel, I thought you would be happy to be exposed to: THE FACEBOOK MARKETING TOOLBOX: 100 Tools and Tips to Tap the Facebook Customer Base.

I would be interested to know your thoughts! Leave your comments below!

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What is TheMarketingRemedy?

What is The Marketing Remedy?

The idea for was birth out of years of working with Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who had spend $1,000’s on Marketing Plans, Strategies and Schemes to only be dissapointed in what they described as a lack of results.

This site was launced as a Marketing Cure for Christian Business Owners and Entrepreneurs!

Check back soon for updates!

Free Online Marketing Tools!

Do you need help in building a website? Get FREE MiniSite Building Videos $197 Value. Private Access

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Live Recession Proof Now!

Today, March 1, 2009, I launched a New Website LIVE RECESSION PROOF NOW!

I am excited about this new venture because it’s an opportunity to teach ordinary people about the potential to earn $$$ on or offline without conventional wisdom, large sums of money, the “right” relationships or any of the other barriers that are normally in the mind of the unlearned, untrained or undisciplined.

Live Recession Proof Now will teach the average hard working individual how to turn passions, education, experience, talent, skills, hobbies or interest into income.

There is no reason why anyone in America or any other democratic society with access to the internet, a library, and/or a telephone should be concerned about how to put food on the table. If you are looking for ways to supplement or replace your income, take some time to visit Live Recession Proof Now.

I look forward to your feedback, comments and suggestions!

Check the website reguarly for articles and posts on Living Recession-Proof Now.

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